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DXS has been used within our practice for many years and we have experienced the continual enhancements to the software, which mean we could not work without it now.  Of course, the patient leaflet section is comprehensive but there is much more once you take a look.  The PDP appraisal tool is just fantastic and saves copious amounts of time collating evidence and reflections for my appraiser.  The tool automatically logs my learning and now allows for group learning material to be inserted to multiple people’s PDP logs.  It even keeps a track of my learning hours and credits.  The travel section quickly established itself for all the issues relating to foreign travel and Vaccines.


The medicines section is used by my partners, nurses and admin team alike providing the very latest drug information, which can be prescribed at the click of a button. 


The plethora of useful Read Codes found through DXS’s Read Code Search utility (with the QOF codes highlighted) is indispensable.


Without doubt, DXS is one of the best aspects of my clinical system and I recommend any user take a closer look. DXS’s continued development will continue to enhance the Patient’s care


Dr Tom Davies FRCGP
Former NVUG Chairman & Partner, Yaxley Group Practice, Cambs

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Information by NICE, Clinical Opinion, Kings College, Immediate Reference and SIGN. Includes Alerts, Forms and Protocols.
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