Dr Tom Davies:
General Practitioner
Heather Heatley:
Practice Manager
Dr David Morris General Practitioner

“I’m a GP in north Wales. Tim Foster asked me to say something about DXS – “a paragraph on what you use and why you like it.”  I’m very happy to do this, because it is software that helps me in consultations every day. The feature I use most is the patient leaflets. These are mostly from Patient UK’s excellent stock. What makes them particularly useful for me is the way that, through DXS, they are so seamlessly integrated into Vision. If I record a diagnosis – coeliac disease, say – then DXS recognises that there is a patient information leaflet relevant to that, and the icon in the corner lights up discretely to inform me. If I choose to follow that, one click has the leaflet on screen for patient and me to talk about. And if I then choose to print off the leaflet for the patient, DXS automatically writes back into Vision a record of this – no extra clicks or entries by me. What’s more, each leaflet is customisable by the practice. We found it very useful to take the LARC [Long Acting Reversible Contraception] leaflet and add a final paragraph about our services locally - who actually does the coils and implants and injections, and how our patients can arrange these.


Another feature I use extensively is the travel information - one click onto the aeroplane icon in DXS, and then choose the country the patient’s going to. And again, we can print out the information on Azerbaijan or Botswana or wherever, and it’s recorded automatically. And if I’m only allowed to praise a third feature of DXS it must be the software to find the Read code for a diagnosis. We all have times when we can’t easily find what we want in the Read hierarchy in Vision – measles IgG titre, say, or Hailey-Hailey disease, or a mastoidectomy operation. Click into DXS, enter the text string you want, and DXS displays all the matches in all the Read codes. Magic!”


Dr David Morris, GP, North Wale

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